Class X Physics & Biology Holiday home work.

Class X Physics Holiday home work.
1.Ray diagrams showing the image formation by concave and convex mirrors
2. Solve all the exercise numerical with concave and convex mirrors.



  1. List three differences between respiration in plants and respiration in animals.
  2. How is respiration different from breathing ?
  3. What are the methods used by plant to get rid of excretory products ?
  4. How does aerobic respiration differ from anaerobic respiration ?
  5. Why small intestine in herbivores longer than in carnivores ?
  6. What is the advantages of having 4 chambered heart  ?
  7. Explain the process of nutrition in amoeba .
  8. What will happen if platelets were absent in the blood ?
  9. Why is transpiration important for plants ?
  10. Draw the diagram of alimentary canal of man and label the parts.
  11. Draw neat labeled diagram of human respiratory system.

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