Kum. Sparsha Maithani old student of our school (2015 BATCH) received the All India Best Cadet Gold in NCC from the Hon’ble Prime Minister

“Dream high, work hard, stay focused, and success will on its own come by your way”
Being a part of the prestigious national republic day camp at Delhi, and representing my directorate as the best cadet was always a dream. But as it is said, if you dream big, you have to strive hard to achieve it.
RDC at Delhi was my 12th camp. The journey was tough.. with filterations happening at every level so as to form a deserving team with the best of the best candidates.
The first 6 camps were at group level. Then came IGC wherein the 6 groups of tamil nadu, pudducherry and andaman nicobar directorate competed with each other.I was fortunate enough to represent my group as the best cadet in IGC and also achieved the best cadet gold in army SW category.
Then came the training and launch camps.. the training kept getting harder day by day with our schedule getting more hectic. My schedule as a best cadet was reporting at 5:15am for firing. Firing till 8:00am followed by drill too 11:30am. Best cadet class from 11:30am to 14:00pm. NIAP from 14:15 to 16:30, followed by flag area practise till 18:30. From 19:10 practise for culturals used to start. As a best cadet, it was as if we have to be present everywhere at the same time. But as it is said “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. With each passing day, we became better than what we were the previous day. Gp.Capt. Alex Mathew was our best cadet trainer and Col. K P Jairaj was our over all training in charge. Under the guidance of such experienced mentors, there is no doubt that the team was bound to be strong.
Best cadet competitions include written test(gk, gsk, current affairs), firing, individual drill test, communication skills(gd, extempore), personal interview and having a strong and bold personality.
We left for Delhi on 28th December 2016 and reached on 30th December 2016. It is indeed a matter of pride to represent your directorate at national level as the best cadet. More over, my mother,  Wg.Cdr Lavjeet Kaur is my inspiration, who was also the AIBC gold in 1990 and YEP London. Expectations were high, but living up to the expectations and proving myself was my task to perform.
Every NCC cadet dreams about marching on Rajpath. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the 144 cadets who marched on the Rajpath on 26th January 2017. A beautiful experience.. with fallins at even 2:00am in the chilling cold of delhi.
On 24th January 2017, I got to know that I am the”AIBC Gold”.. in SW army category. The feeling that I went through cannot be expressed in words. It was simply wonderful. A sense of satisfaction and pride. To be the best cadet in my category out of 14lakh NCC cadets all over India is definitely a matter of pride and honour.
Then came the day of PM’s Rally, the 28th of January, wherein the awardees were to receive the medals and the prestigious “DG baton” from the honourable primeminister Narendra Modi. The best feeling that a child can get is when his/her parents are known by her name..when she/he makes them proud and sees the pride in their eyes..that was the moment for me. The best part of my entire journey…
Have faith in yourself and god, give your 100% and let success make its sound….

One thought on “Kum. Sparsha Maithani old student of our school (2015 BATCH) received the All India Best Cadet Gold in NCC from the Hon’ble Prime Minister”

  1. I am a pass out of KV AFS AVADI 2015 bio batch. When the foundation is strong, the result will definitely be great..this is where our schooling matters. What we learn on our early days, we polish and showcase in the later stages. I am really thankful and grateful to my teachers and the institution for molding me up in such a way 🙂 .


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